PPPoE Throughput

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The PPPoE (Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet) protocol encapsulates traffic in PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol) frames and transports those frames over Ethernet.  This protocol is most often used with DSL links.

Performing the encapsulation and decapsulation for PPPoE is much more CPU intensive than routing Ethernet traffic.  Due to the increased CPU usage the total PPPoE throughput supported by an Ecessa device will be less than the Ethernet throughput of other link types.

The maximum throughputs that have been tested with our products is listed in the table below:

  Ethernet throughput PPPoE throughput
PowerLink 750 750Mb/s 90Mb/s
PowerLink 1250 1250Mb/s 485Mb/s
PowerLink 10G 10Gb/s 580Mb/s

When using faster PPPoE links it is recommended to use a dedicated gateway or modem that terminates the PPPoE connection and presents Ethernet only to the Ecessa device.

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