Why does a DHCP WAN update cause interruption to other WANs on the same port?

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When a DHCP WAN is updated, such as by receiving a new IP address, traffic interruption can occur with other WANs configured on the same physical port.  To prevent this interruption from occurring there are two possible workarounds.

Workaround 1:

Move the WANs to different physical ports so that the DHCP WAN is not sharing a port with another WAN.

Workaround 2:

If VLAN IDs are used with the WANs sharing a physical port then logical ports can be created that will prevent the interruption from occurring.  To create a logical port in the CLI use the following command system:

port add port { PORT | DEVICE } vlan VLAN

For example, if a WAN was on the port Physical_1 and using VLAN ID 100 you could create a logical port with the following command:

port add port Phsyical_1 vlan 100

commit save

The WAN configuration would then be updated to remove the VLAN ID from the WAN's configuration and it would be moved to the new port named Port_1.100

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