Does the Ecessa appliance support 802.1q trunking?

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Yes, an 802.1q trunk may be connected to the WAN or LAN interfaces on the Ecessa appliance. For proper communication, the VLAN must be configured for the appropriate interface by entering the VLAN ID on the LAN or Advanced WAN configuration page.




Enter the VLAN ID and click Activate to save the changes. 

The VLAN will become a sub-interface of the Ethernet port and will use the notation ethX.YYY where X is the Ethernet port number and YYY is the VLAN ID. Please note that the number of VLANs is limited by the number of WAN and LANs supported by the model. 



Please note the following caveats:

  1. The VLAN ID must only be configured if connected to an 802.1q trunk. If a switch port is configured to be an access link, the VLAN ID should not be configured on the Ecessa appliance. The VLAN information will be stripped as an access link connection can only understand standard Ethernet frames.
  2. Configuring a VLAN ID will cause loss of access to the Ecessa appliance if a computer is connected directly to that Ethernet port or the device is not configured to communicate over the same VLAN as the Ecessa appliance. 
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