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Firmware versions 9.1 And Newer

The User Accounts tab located in the top right corner of the web interface allows for the creation of user accounts.  A Superuser account has full access to the device while non-superuser accounts have read-only access.  At least one Superuser must be enabled at all times.  The rootadmin, and user accounts can not be removed but can be disabled.  The Add button will allow the creation of new usernames.  Please note that downgrading to 9.0 or previous versions will remove all custom accounts and only the root user will remain enabled.




Firmware Versions 9.0 And Previous

The User Accounts tab located in the top right corner of the web interface, defines credentials for the 3 different user accounts available on the Ecessa device. It is recommended to change the password for the root and admin user accounts. The user account is a “read-only” account and is disabled by default.


Click Activate at the bottom of the page to save changes made to the User Accounts page when finished.

If there are any questions about the necessity of a User Account, or how to configure it for your environment, contact Ecessa Support at, or by calling (800) 669-6242 x 2.

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