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All aspects of Configuration Management can be performed through the Get/Set Configuration page. This includes saving to the local device as well as saving the configuration to other network locations.


It is recommended to retain copies of your configuration in the event that a restore to a previous configuration or a replacement of the Ecessa device is required. The Import/Export tab allows you to save a copy of the configuration to your desktop or other location, and also allows you to load configurations from a saved location.

To import, simply browse to the file location and click Import Configuration. To export, click on Export Configuration, name the file and select a location to save it to. It is recommended to include the date of the file in the file name.


It is strongly recommended to save a backup of the configuration file of the Ecessa device. This will be useful if a configuration change in the future results in undesired behavior as you can simply reload your backup configuration.

To save a backup configuration file, select "Device" from the "Type" drop-down list in the upper-right portion of that tab, enter in a desired name for the backup (see below), and click "Save" within the Save pop-up dialogue box.

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