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The Configure Services page is a collection of different management options and global configuration items for the Ecessa device. Information regarding monitoring the ongoing state of the device is also included on this page.

Not all options are required, and many items are specific to a unique environment. However, there are several items that will be consistent throughout all installations. Those items include:

  • Email Alerts
  • Test Interval
  • Primary and Secondary DNS Servers
  • Service WANs

Email Alerts

At the top of the Configure Services page, there is a link that will direct you to a new page where the Email Alerts are configured. Utilizing the email alerts function one way to stay informed about the status of your Ecessa device. To set up a basic email alert the following information is required:

  • the email address to send to;

  • the IP or hostname of the email server; and

  • the inbound email server port number

For example, to send an email alert to on mail server and port 25, the configuration would appear as follows:

Please note: you will need to include a subject prefix (the subject of the email) and Domain (the sender’s address) in the Basic Configuration section

Double checks that “Email Alerts” is selected and click Activate at the bottom of the page. To test the Email Alerts, click on Email Test.

Test Intervals

On the Configure Services page, underneath the Recovery and Redundancy checkbox is the Test Interval. This determines how often the Ecessa device performs its WAN line testing. By default, this is set to 1, however, this may be considered aggressive for your company. Changing to an interval of 3 is recommended in most instances.

Primary and Secondary DNS Servers

Occasionally the Ecessa device resolves hostnames in order to perform tasks, such as upgrading firmware, etc. In order to do this, the Ecessa device must be configured with at least one valid public DNS server. Any public DNS server is sufficient. For example:

Service WANs

In order to be able to reach the Ecessa device from outside the network, it will need to be configured with a Service WAN IP addresses. By default, these are created when you add a WAN line to the Ecessa device. If they are not present, select the interface you want accessible from the drop down and click Add.




Web/SecureShell/Telnet Settings

The Ecessa device can be accessed over a network through one of four different protocols: basic web (HTTP), secure web (HTTPS), Secure Shell (SSH) and Telnet. It is recommended to change the ports that these services are configured for. Below is a chart of the recommended ports for each service. The accessibility rules (whether each service is enabled and whether each service is accessible via the LAN, WAN or both) are at the discretion of the end user and should comply with your company policy.

Remember to click Activate to save changes made to the Configure Services page.

This manual covers the most commonly used features of the Configure Services page. If there are any questions about the necessity of a feature, or how to configure it in your environment, refer to our help page, contact Ecessa Technical Support at, or call (800) 669-6242 x 2.

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