How do I customize the web interface (theme/logo) on the Ecessa appliance?

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The web interface on the Ecessa appliance is highly configurable - details such as certain pages automatically refreshing service status to backgrounds and themes that can be applied to the interface, changing the look and feel of the Ecessa unit in it's entirety. 

To customize the Ecessa appliance's web interface, click on Web Options under the Utilities menu in the sidebar on the lefthand side of the interface, as shown in the image below. This page includes numerous settings that can be adjusted for personalization of your Ecessa unit. This can be very handy when you have multiple Ecessa devices at different locations, and desire a visual to help tell them apart.



The Description String will change the title displayed in the browser tab or window. By default the title will include the model and serial number.




The Custom Logo section allows the user to select and import a custom logo image to be displayed in the top-left of the web interface. The maximum image size is 200K. Select Enable Custom Logo then click the Browse button to open a dialog box and select the desired logo image. Click the Import Custom Logo button.



The logo will now appear like so:



Some adjustments, such as the Theme Options, Custom Background, and Custom Logo only affect the appearance of the web interface.

Other adjustments can be made from the Web Options page, such as enabling Drag and Drop which allows for swift adjustment of rule lists (such as Static Routes). Many features are enabled by default, while others are not. It is typically recommended to use the default settings for the basic options and page refresh timers, but they can be changed and adjusted if desired. Scrolling over individual features will display instructional text giving a basic explanation of the setting, but for the most detailed description of each option please refer to the help page accessed with the [HELP?] link located at the top of the page.

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