How does the Ecessa appliance load balance and failover inbound traffic?

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Ecessa appliances control inbound traffic flow by acting as an authoritative name server for the domains hosted on the internal network (behind the Ecessa).

For each domain the Ecessa will answer for, the zone must be configured (see "How do I configure Authoritative DNS on an Ecessa appliance?"). The Ecessa will update the zone information based on current WAN link availability and remove any addresses from links that are down. If there are no other available addresses the host name resolves to, the query will not resolve to any address. If a host name is an A record and resolves to an off-site IP address (such as a web hosting provider) the Ecessa will always resolve to that address. By answering external users' DNS requests, the Ecessa can ensure remote users only receive IP addresses for WAN links currently available.

Inbound load balancing is round-robin and is achieved by using the Load Balanced Host Records. Please see "What are Load Balanced Host Records and how do they work?" for more information.

The Ecessa appliance will need to be registered as an authoritiative name server with the domain registrar. Current instructions for registering name servers are offered by the domain registrar as the process varies with each.

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