What are hostname-based static routes and how are they created?

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Hostname-based static routes use a hostname (resolved via DNS) to set which WAN to use and which order WANs fail over to. The order which DNS answers sets the preference. This type of static route is used for certain traffic that is required to route over a particular WAN or WANs in an order of precedence.

Typically, a domain name of "static.route" is created under the Authoritative DNS section on the Ecessa appliance. Within that domain, records are created and these records are then referenced by the static route. If a static route will use multiple WAN lines, a load-balanced host record is created with the records listed in the preferred order. The Redundancy Only setting is enabled so DNS will respond with the first entry, answering only with the other entries in sequential order in the event the higher precedent WAN line is down.


The static.route domain is created under Authoritative DNS:


Records are created in the static.route domain:



Including Load-Balanced Host Records which list the order of precedence:



Finally, the records are referenced by the static route as the Source WAN IP or Hostname:


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