Console terminal screen does not display login or displays strange characters

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To connect to the console port on the Ecessa appliance, a console (serial) cable is required. While older models require a DB9-to-DB9 serial cable, newer Ecessa models use a DB9-to-RJ45 console cable.  If the computer does not have a serial port, a USB to serial converter is required and can be found from many technology vendors.

The terminal software settings must match those used by the serial port on the Ecessa appliance, otherwise communication between the devices will not function. Please confirm the proper COM port is by being used on the computer and the serial port settings are as follows:

This article shows the various configuration settings using three different programs: PuTTY, Hyperterminal, and Tera Term.PuTTY is a free program which supports SSH, telnet, and serial connections and is highly recommended. However, if PuTTY is not available on the computer then other terminal emulator programs can be used.












Tera Term






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