Ethernet port receiving transmit/receive errors

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This issue generally occurs when the Ethernet port settings (speed/duplex) between the Ecessa appliance and the neighboring device are not negotiating properly and cause communication issues. Symptoms include a line performing with poor speeds or showing heavy packet loss on a port connected to the Ecessa appliance.

When troubleshooting, it is recommended that the Ethernet cable is swapped out with a known good cable first to rule out a physical cause for the issue. If replacing the cable did not fix the issue, it is recommended to manually configure the speed/duplex settings, which generally solves port errors.

The Ecessa device is set to Auto-Negotiate by default, however this setting may not work properly if neighboring devices have settings configured manually (such as 1000 Mbps/Full Duplex). Manually configuring the Ecessa appliance’s Ethernet port settings to match the neighboring device can be accomplished by going to (Configure) Services > Ethernet Ports. A Link Speed and Duplex Setting drop-down box will provide the appropriate options for each Ethernet port on the Ecessa appliance. Once the appropriate setting is selected, click the Activate button to enforce the changes.

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