VPN Throughput

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VPN throughput is largely dependent on the CPU power required to encrypt and decrypt the traffic.  The more CPU intensive the encryption the less throughput a particular model will be capable of.  The following table shows the default encryption options in 12.1.0 and suggested settings when higher throughput is desired:


12.1.0 - Default

12.1.0 - Performance

Phase 1 Encryption

AES256 (CBC)


Phase 1 Authentication

ESP SHA2 256

ESP SHA2 256

IKE Group

Group 14

Group 5

Phase 2 Encryption

AES256 (CBC)


Phase 2 Authentication

ESP SHA2 256

ESP SHA2 256

VPN Throughput*

187 Mbps

517 Mbps

*Note: The throughput was tested on a reference platform to show the relative difference in throughputs.  The actual throughput of an Ecessa device will depend on the model and its hardware capabilities.

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