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Creating Azure VM

The Ecessa WANworX can be found in the Azure Marketplace by searching for Ecessa WANworX Secure SD-WAN Virtual Appliance.

The table below shows which VM size is needed for each Ecessa license.

Ecessa License Azure VM Size NICs Supported Expected Throughput
WVDC-20 DS1_v2 2 750 Mb/s
WVDC-30 F2s_v2 2 875 Mb/s
WVDC-40 F4s_v2 2 1,750 Mb/s
WVDC-50 F8s_v2 4 3,500 Mb/s
WVDC-60 F16s_v2 4 7,000 Mb/s


Configure Access

When creating the VM a user can be created with either an SSH public key or a password.  The root account password will be automatically set to the vmID property of the virtual machine.

User with SSH public key

If the user is created with an SSH public key then only SSH connections will work initially until a password is created to use for the web interface login.  To create a password in the CLI use the command system passwd USERNAME

User with password

If the user is created with a password then only the web interface will work initially until an SSH key is added to use for the SSH login.  SSH keys can only be added for a user via the CLI which can be accessed via the serial console utility in the Azure interface.  After logging in add an SSH public key for a user with the command system user ssh-auth-key add username USERNAME key OPENSSH_PUBKEY


Obtaining License

Contact Ecessa sales by emailing or by using the information on the Contact Ecessa page.  After purchasing a license follow the instructions about Registering a Virtual Machine to make your Azure VM fully functional.

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