EAPoL Passthrough

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EAPoL passthrough functionality is available in versions 11.2.0 and newer. 

This feature can be used to bypass AT&T U-verse Residential Gateways. Two ports are used on the Ecessa device, one to connect to the ONT and one to connect to the Residential Gateway.  The eapol-port specified is the port that received EAPOL traffic will be forwarded to and is used for the connection to the Residential Gateway.  The MAC address of the Residential Gateways interface must be known so that it can be set as the custom MAC of the Ecessa interfaces.

In this example ports 5 & 6 will be used.  The ONT will connect to port 5 and the Residential Gateway will connect to port 6.

First, create the bridge:

bridges enable
bridges add alias eapolbridge port 5 port 6 eapol-passthrough enable eapol-port 6
commit save

Next, create logical VLAN interfaces on the bridge and set the MAC address of the logical interfaces to that of the Residential Gateway:

system port add port eapolbridge vlan 0
system port add port eapolbridge vlan 2
system port advanced port eapolbridge.0 mac xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx custom-mac enable
system port advanced port eapolbridge.2 mac xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx custom-mac enable
commit save

Finally, create a DHCP WAN on the logical interface using VLAN 2:

wan add alias dhcpwan port eapolbridge.2 dhcp enable
commit save
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