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This tab section is used to configure actions for community rules based on their unique signature identifiers. Each rule contains a numerical signature ID, for example 'sid:2260000'. To configure the action to take when traffic matches a rule, add a signature here.

To add a new signature click Add Signature and enter the following items.

Action: One of the following actions for the signature:

  • Alert: Log an alert message but allow the traffic.
  • Drop: Log a message and in IPS mode drop the traffic
  • Reject: Log a message and drop the traffic with notification to the sender of rejection.
  • Enable: Enable a rule if it is disabled.
  • Disable: Disable a rule if it is enabled.

Signature ID: What signature ID(s) to match on. This can be one or more signature IDs separated by commas.

Disabled: Check this to disable a signature action.

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