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This feature should only be enabled if the device is rebooting for unknown reasons.  Enabling the crash report feature will save diagnostic data that can be used by Ecessa to diagnose the cause of the reboot.  The ability to enable crash reports is enabled in the CLI.


system crash display | show [out]
system crash report ENABLED
system crash help

system crash display
system crash report enable

NOTE: The crash report requires minimum 300MB-600MB free disk space. If you
don't have this much space free or are unsure, then using a USB drive (1GB+) is
recommended. If a USB drive is detected, then the USB drive will be used as
temporary storage for the crash report. After the report is transmitted to the
Ecessa SFTP server it will be removed. The crash report takes a significant amount of
time to create which will increase device downtime after a crash.

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