How do I upgrade the firmware on the Ecessa appliance? (10.7.6 and newer)

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The Update Software utility appearance has been changed starting in version 10.7.6. To complete an upgrade to version 11.0.0 or later, the following is required:

  • A device with 2 Gigabyte internal flash disk
  • Sufficient free space on the internal disk or a FAT32-formatted USB storage

A firmware upgrade from 10.7.6 to 11.0.0 will require 3 reboots to complete. Downgrading from version 11.0.0 to version 10.7.6 has the same storage requirements and will need to 2 reboots to complete the process.

If using USB storage, the USB drive must stay plugged in through the entire upgrade process. Please note that the USB storage is only intended as extra storage capacity for the upgrade process and does not allow an "upgrade from USB."

Devices with an internal disk smaller than 2GB will receive the following "Version Conflicts" message and will not be allowed to upgrade (regardless of USB drive being connected):



Devices with appropriate internal storage and sufficient free space will be allowed to perform the firmware upgrade using the local storage.


Devices with appropriate internal storage but insufficient free space will not be allowed to perform the firmware upgrade until an appropriate USB storage device is connected:


Once a USB drive is connected with sufficient free space, the upgrade can be performed using the USB storage.




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