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Businesses require secure and nonstop connectivity to operate and service their customers. Together, Check Point and Ecessa deliver:

  • Traditional on premise deployment with Check Point’s physical gateway and Ecessa’s physical device
  • State-of-the art security/WAN management and network resiliency: Customers may require local appliances for specific business applications, disaster recovery, compliance requirements or local management/support. The customer can easily upgrade to our joint solution for state-of-the-art security/WAN management and network resiliency.
  • Comprehensive security and management, optimizing the network performance and security capabilities for the customer. The customer has complete control over policy management, can meet all PCI and HIPPA compliance requirements, and can maintain connectivity in the event of an outage or poor ISP performance.
  • Deploy the Check Point Next Generation Threat Prevention gateway and Ecessa WANworX device in-line using core switches and ISP routers. Configure Check Point for all local security rules and position Ecessa to direct, prioritize and load balance traffic across all available connections.


View the details of the integration: Check Point + Ecessa Network Security & Resiliency

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