Create DNS records for Office 365

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This article describes how to create the Office 365 DNS records described in the Microsoft support article here: Create DNS records for Office 365 at any DNS hosting provider

Add a TXT record for verification

  • The Owner field is left blank

Add MX record to route email

  • The Host Name is entered in the format priority;hostname
  • The priority 0 is not supported so you may use 1 to make this record the highest priority
  • The Host Name cannot be @ and it must be unique.  Entering something like mx1 or mxo365 as shown in the below image will work.
  • The Mail Entry selection will be set to Yes and the CNAME box should be checked.

Add four CNAME records

  • The CNAME box should be checked.

Add a TXT record for SPF to help prevent email spam

  • The Owner field is left blank.  If there is an SPF checkbox in your software version it should not be checked.

Add two SRV records

  • The _ characters are added automatically so they should not be typed into the Service or Protocol fields.
  • The Host Name must end with a dot on the end such as ''



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