IKEv2 Configuration

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When selecting IKEv2 as the Connection Type of a VPN the following configuration section will be available.  IKEv2 VPNs will initiate connections only using IKEv2 but will accept IKEv1 or IKEv2 connections as the responder.

Virtual IP Pool: For the server side of an IKEv2 connection, enter an IP address or subnet from which to allocate addresses requested by clients.

DNS Server Address: For the server side of an IKEv2 connection enter an IP address of a DNS server to be given to clients that request it.

Request IP: For the client side of an IKEv2 connection the Ecessa device will request a virtual IP from the server if checked.

Compatibility Mode: In certain cases an IKEv2 connection may not properly establish with all LAN Subnets connected.  This happens when connecting with a Cisco device most commonly but may happen with other devices as well.  Enabling this will allow all subnets to connect properly with these devices.

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