How do I set up NetFlow?

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NetFlow can be enabled on the Ecessa device and requires little configuration changes. Traffic reports generated by Ecessa devices use NetFlow version 5 and any compatible analyzer may be used to examine the reports. 

Click on NetFlow under Advanced Setup in the left-hand menu. On the NetFlow configuration page: 

  1. Select Enable NetFlow
  2. Click the Add a new NetFlow Collector button. The Host IP is the IP address of the NetFlow collector. The Host Port is the appropriate UDP port the collector uses to listen for reports.
  3. Click the Activate button to save the changes. 

If the address entered for the NetFlow collector is not in the same network as the Ecessa appliance, make sure the Ecessa appliance has a route to the collector so the information can be sent properly.

The Sample Rate field indicates how often packets should be processed. A sample rate of 20 means 1 out of every 20 packets will be processed which is suitable for most configurations. A sample rate of 1 will cause every packet to be processed. Please note that a more frequent sample rate will result in higher CPU utilization.

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    Tien, Vu Minh

    I have configured the follow your guide but The Netflow Server didn't receive traffic from Ecessa. The IP of Ecessa and Netflow Server are the same network. Please help me fix issue. Tks

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