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The Dashboard

The Dashboard shows the current statistics for the Ecessa device.

When a user connects to the Ecessa device via the Web, the main page can be utilized as their dashboard. This can be enabled via the Web Options. The Dashboard will show the current statistics of the Ecessa device. 

General Graphs

This section contains all user graphs that have been set up on the Ecessa device. Each graph is designed to show specific information for a specified time frame. When a user graph is created, the user must specify what data they would like statistics generated on. For example, the WAN Utilization will show how utilized a WAN was during the specified time frame.

Note: These graphs can also be viewed on the View Statistics page. 

Configured WANs

This section shows all of the WANs that are configured on the Ecessa device. Each WAN section contains information regarding that specific WAN. A historical graph is also displayed showing the utilization of the past 2 hours for that WAN as well as a live representation of the current utilization. By default the live representation is in the form of a speedometer which shows the Receive (Download) Utilization as a green line, and the Transmit (Upload) utilization as a red line. 

Configure LANs

This section shows all of the LANs that are configured on the Ecessa device. Each LAN section contains information regarding that LAN. A historical graph is also associated to each LAN showing the past 2 hours of data.


To see your statistics, navigate to View Statistics link located on the top menu.  Here you can see WAN, LAN, and Port graphs, as well as other miscellaneous graph types including: WAN Utilization, Top Services, Top IP’s, etc.


Click View Log on the top menu to view logs.

The Main log has the most important general information about the device.

The Firewall logs (shows the traffic the firewall has dropped).

The Audit logs show what user actions have been taken and from which IP.


Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is to query (pull) or in some case push information from or to an Ecessa device.  By default the SNNMP agent will listen for queries on all IPv4 interfaces on UDP port 161.  You may override this default by specifying at least one Listening Address.

When configuring Trap Hosts you may choose between sending either TRAP or INFORM messages by selecting either trap-v2 or inform-v2.  An INFORM message is similar to a TRAP with the difference that an INFORM will continue trying to send until an acknowledgement of the message is received.  A TRAP will send only once and delivery is not guaranteed.


Netflow is a network protocol to collect IP information on one or more IP interfaces. This information is then sent in a stream to a collector which can analyze the information. The Ecessa device only collects Netflow data from the LAN interfaces.

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