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PowerLink Model Series
Includes all EDGE features

Server Failover and Load Balancing

Capable of re-routing inbound connections based on server availability. This functionality also is able to dynamically update DNS for server site failover by using the WAN “UP/DOWN” status to determine availability.

Authoritative DNS

With the Ecessa as your authoritative name servers for your domain(s), we can dynamically update the IP that is queried for a given domain when it reaches the name server IP configured on the Ecessa. The IP(s) that are sent to the host will only be the IP of a functioning WAN.

VPN Endpoint

Supports site-to-site VPN’s or remote access VPN’s with IPSec or SSL VPN termination.

WANWorx Model Series
Includes all available features

WAN Virtualization

WAN Virtualization allows two or more sites to establish a site-to-site connection between Ecessa devices. This provides a seamless failover across multiple WAN links.


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