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Outbound Failover and Load Balancing

By default the Ecessa device will load balance and provide failover for outbound connections. Be aware that certain outbound services, such as email, VPN’s, or traffic that is required to come from a specific IP address might require additional configuration. If you have services such as these be sure to note them in the Pre-Configuration Worksheet.

Inbound Access

Rules will need to be created to allow inbound traffic. The exception to this is a routed or translucent WAN line (see Basic Setup for more details). It is important to convey which IP addresses are needed for inbound traffic; for example, a web or email server. The standard Ecessa policy is to configure rules that forward all traffic, with the exception of an Ecessa firewall installation. Regardless it is important to convey inbound services during the pre-configuration process.


If Ecessa is replacing your current firewall include all current firewall configurations and access rules in the Pre-Configuration Worksheet.

Hardware Failover

If you have purchased the Ecessa device with a redundant hardware unit, note this in the appropriate field on the Pre-Configuration Worksheet. Additional switching equipment will be necessary to install the Ecessa device with this functionality.

Quality of Service

The Ecessa device can provide Quality of Service to identified traffic. This ensures lower latency and prioritization of important traffic.

VoIP Proxy

Provides inbound and outbound call continuity and redundancy. In the event of a WAN line outage, the Ecessa will seamlessly failover the traffic to the desired secondary WAN. Your provider will need to be made aware of the IP that it will be failing over into.

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