Configuration and Installation Process

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Ecessa Technical Support can help you configure and install your Ecessa product by following these steps.  

Step 1: Download and complete the pre-configuration worksheet to capture critical network data you will need to support product configuration and installation.

Step 2: Email the completed pre-configuration worksheet to to start a support case.  You may add the completed worksheet to an existing case if one already exists for the project.

Step 3: When all required information is gathered, starting the pre-configuration worksheet, Ecessa Technical Support will help plan the configuration of the Ecessa product using diagrams and other supporting documentation where necessary.  When the plan is agreed upon by all involved parties assistance can be provided to input the settings into the Ecessa product.

Step 4: Schedule the installation of the Ecessa product with Technical Support if you would like remote assistance at install time.  After-hours installations (refer to Hours & Availability) can be supported, based on availability, with prior scheduling.

Step 5: Install the fully pre-configured Ecessa product in your network.

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