How to use the DNS Utility

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This DNS utility can be used to perform forward or reverse lookups for DNS records through the web interface. This utility uses the domain information groper (dig) command to perform various forms of general lookups for records along with tracing the lines of authority for the record, which can be very helpful when troubleshooting difficult DNS problems.

To use the utility, first provide the address to query. This can either be a hostname ( if performing a forward lookup or an IP address ( if performing a reverse lookup. 

Next, specify the name server that the request will be forwarded to and will perform the lookup. By default, the utility will search for an A record but can be changed to query for a different record type. The Query Type will be set to forward lookup by default but can be changed to a reverse lookup.


This utility can be used for troubleshooting DNS resolution for certain websites, or sites that are hosted locally but are not accessible. For example, to test which address a configured load balanced host record is resolving to. In some cases, there have been instances when the registrar still has information for a DNS server that is not the Ecessa appliance which can cause incorrect answers for DNS queries to be given out when a WAN line goes down.


The trace function details the lines of authority for a domain and proves useful when troubleshooting a DNS resolution problem for a subdomain. This displays the path a DNS server uses to try and resolve the record. The server list for the domain or subdomain in the trace may prove a server is misconfigured or the wrong servers are acting as an authority. 


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