How do I configure remote access to an idle device in a hardware failover pair?

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The Ecessa appliance provides two methods for remotely accessing the idle unit in a hardware failover pair.

The first method is assigning a dedicated IP address from the WAN and/or LAN ranges. This IP address is assigned on the Hardware Failover Basic page under the “Idle LAN IP” or “Idle WAN IP.” Please note that the IP address is assigned to the idle unit, regardless of the unit being the Primary or Secondary of the pair. This method allows access to both units simultaneously from the configured LAN and/or WAN but does require use of additional IP addresses.


The second method is assigning dedicated ports to access the idle unit via the active device. These ports are assigned on the Hardware Failover Advanced page. This method allows access to the idle unit without the need to use additional IP addresses, however, access to the idle unit is limited to the WAN only. Additionally, only one of the units can be accessed at a time when using the web interface although both units can still be accessed simultaneously via SSH.

To use this functionality, select Enable accessing Idle Service via Active Device (WAN Only) and configure the Idle Ports.


After configuring the Idle Ports, the idle unit can be accessed by using the Active WAN IP address and the specified port for the service being used.


In this example, the user is connecting to the idle unit using HTTPS so the port 8083 is used.




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