How do I reset the password for my Ecessa appliance?

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Please follow the instructions below to recover from a lost or forgotten password. This procedure can only be performed over the console connection so a serial-to-RJ45 (console) cable is required. It is not possible to reset the password through the web interface, SSH, or telnet.

To connect, plug the included console cable into the port on the Ecessa device labeled “Console”.

The port settings for a console connection are as follows:

To reset the password, log into the device with the following username and password:
Username: rescue
Password: drowssap

After logging in, the command-line interface (CLI) prompt should be presented. Enter the command system passwd root which will prompt for the new password for the root account. Enter the new password and then confirm it by re-typing the new password. A message stating the password updated successfully should appear. Use the exit command to logout. You will now be able to log in with the username root and your new password.

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