How do I configure User-Defined Aliases?

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How to Configure User Defined Aliases


Aliases are designed to make the firewall configuration process less complex.  On the Firewall page, there is a limit for how many addresses/ports can be used for a single rule. Aliases define multiple different types of information in order to extend the rule to all the configured addresses/ports.


Here is an example network:




Click on the “Configure User-Defined Aliases” link at the top of the Ecessa firewall page to add aliases.


Here are two examples that could be used as part of an Ecessa firewall configuration. The first alias is an address type alias named WANs and references the two base WAN IP addresses from the example network used in this document. The second alias is a port type alias named Web and references ports 80 and 443.



 The Alias name would then be used in place of the actual address or port configured on Ecessa firewall.



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