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The CLI, accessible via SSH or console, allows a speed test to be run.  The command to run a speed test is:

diagnostics speed-test {wan WAN_ALIAS}

WAN_ALIAS is the alias (name) of the WAN you would like to test.

Example output:

[WVDC00123456 - /] # diagnostics speed-test wan WAN
Looking for a test server
Saint Paul, MN Latency: 124.85 ms Sponsor: CenturyLink

Testing download....
Average Speed: 20.17 Mbps
Number of tests performed: 3
ISP is not shaping the traffic
Test: Avg: 21.77 Mbps, Median: 17.72 Mbps, Min: 6.02 Mbps, Max: 40.86 Mbps
Test: Avg: 22.96 Mbps, Median: 21.76 Mbps, Min: 5.47 Mbps, Max: 43.14 Mbps
Test: Avg: 15.79 Mbps, Median: 11.89 Mbps, Min: 8.28 Mbps, Max: 37.01 Mbps

Testing upload....
Average Speed: 11.81 Mbps
Number of tests performed: 3
ISP is shaping the traffic
Test: Avg: 11.39 Mbps, Median: 11.62 Mbps, Min: 1.32 Mbps, Max: 14.79 Mbps
Test: Avg: 11.99 Mbps, Median: 11.76 Mbps, Min: 1.84 Mbps, Max: 32.9 Mbps
Test: Avg: 12.04 Mbps, Median: 11.82 Mbps, Min: 1.61 Mbps, Max: 32.02 Mbps

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