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Ecessa Firmware Release Notes
Version: 12.1.0
Release Date: 2022.03.31
Revision 1.0: 2022.03.31
New Features
1. Adds BGP routing feature.
2. Add support for VTI VPN connections using IKEv2 key exchange.
3. Add support for virtual IP addresses on VTI VPN connections.
4. Add ability to configure Receive UDP flow settings on system ports to better handle high volume of small UDP packets.

1. A port that has RPS (Receive Packet Steering) will enable RFS (Receive Flow Steering) if the device has support for it.
2. Add ability to configure system port Receive and Transmit Packet Steering separately per port.
3. Add support for additional IPSec VPN encryption options and to allow for selecting multiple options.

1. Cloud registration URL removed.
2. The SIP Proxy feature has been removed.

1. Certificate issuer and subject are empty when importing a PKCS12 or using a self-signed certificate authority.
2. Statistics backup increases CPU load based on the size of the databases.
3. Remove extra logging when retrieving the build and system version.
4. DNS resolver will not work correctly after enabling the firewall.
5. Displaying man pages results in locale and terminal warning messages.
6. Partition recovery on devices with multiple disk partitions does not work correctly with old versions.
7. Some CLI diagnostics iperf command usage is not correct.
8. Adding a system user could fail due to the existence of previous system lock files.
9. The statistics database may fail to add some entries.
10. Active Hardware Failover unit repeatedly logs rsync messages.
11. GUI Access log entries in the GUI may be formatted improperly.
12. Routed mode WAN and associated hand-off WAN may not have correct routing rules in place.
13. Manual and scheduled updating of geoblocking sources will not update the status of the feature.
14. Certain special characters in IPSec VPN shared secrets would cause failures when loading the configuration.
15. User graph creation fails in the GUI.

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