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Ecessa Insight Release Notes
Version: 3.2.0
Release Date: 2022.03.31
Revision 1.0: 2022.03.31

New Features
1. Ability to go to the live site for Ecessa devices 12.1.0 and newer that are behind NAT or otherwise unreachable via direct WAN access.
2. Support added to be able to monitor devices that are behind NAT and/or devices that cannot be monitored through SNMP.
3. Ability to sign in via Microsoft single sign on.

1. Dynamic Routing overall status display in Insight monitoring.
2. Insight can reach devices to perform actions that are behind NAT.

1. User authentication for Insight now requires a verification code.
2. The user profile icon is displayed on the top navigation bar.

1. SLA Monthly report contains raw HTML for expired devices.
2. Monitoring summary icons on the dashboard page show statistics based on the selected group(s).
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