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Ecessa Firmware Release Notes
Version: 12.0.0
Release Date: 2021.03.16
Revision 1.0: 2021.03.16

New Features
1. SSL VPN with username/password and optional multi-factor authentication login.
2. Geoblocking - block traffic passing through the device based on geographic location.

1. SSL VPN client configurations now notify the server when they exit.
2. SSL VPN connections were allowing VPN traffic to all LAN networks regardless of the local LANs configured for the connection.
3. The system smart fan can be enabled on any L7551 hardware model.
4. IDS/IPS configuration improvements.
5. VPN User limit removed.

1. Loading a configuration will not stop running SSL VPNs in some cases.
2. IDS/IPS log files are not included when downloading logs in graphical user interface.
3. L2TP VPN clients can fail to connect due to lock files already existing.
4. IDS/IPS rules imported from external rulesets have their action overwritten to "alert".
5. Self-CA certificate extensions are lost after renewing the certificate.
6. Timezones are not loaded from configurations.
7. L2TP VPN connections could leave old rules in place that would cause the static route page to hang.
8. Firmware updates on devices that support multiple firmware versions appear to not finish.
9. SSL VPN server allows clients to access all LAN networks regardless of configuration.
10. IPS firewall web site blocking rules will not work when a DHCP LAN has recursive resolver enabled.
11. HTTP Redirect security settings are different than the main web service.
12. The firewall feature of the CLI does not support adding or viewing comments for firewall rules.
13. An invalid cloud api_key on the device does not get re-pulled from the cloud.
14. HTTPS TLS support versions changed. TLS supports only 1.2 and 1.3.
15. Configuring One-to-one NAT for LAN networks larger than class C can fail to work correctly.
16. IPSec L2TP VPN connections allow VPN traffic to all LAN networks regardless of the local LANs configured for the connection.
17. Firewall packet counters do not work.

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