Preconfigured Switch - SM10T2DPA

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Preconfigured switches allow the installation of Hardware Failover without the need for multiple switches of the difficulty of VLAN configuration.  The SM10T2DPA model supports up to four WANs using a single switch.



  • Ports 1 - 6 connect to the WAN port(s) of the Ecessa devices and to the ISP gateway devices
  • Ports 7 & 8 connect to the Ecessa devices LAN ports
  • Ports 9A - 10B connect to the firewall or other internal LAN devices. 
  • Note that for each port, 9 and 10, only the A or the B port can be used but not both at the same time.  To connect to standard ethernet ports 9A and 10A would be used.

Example with four WANs

This configuration has multiple WANs configured on one physical Ecessa port.


Example with two WANs

This configuration uses a dedicated Ecessa port for each WAN.  Unless the combined throughput of WANs would exceed 1Gb/s there is no performance benefit to using dedicated ports but this may be the easiest way to add a second Ecessa device to an existing installation.


Example with two switches and two firewalls

This configuration offers full device redundancy by using two switches and two firewalls.  The LAN ports of the SM10T2DPA are not used because a firewall is directly connected to each Ecessa device.  Up to five WANs per switch, for a total of 10 WANs, is supported.



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