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Ecessa Firmware Release Notes
Version: 11.2.0
Release Date: 2020.04.03
Revision 1.1: 2020.04.03

New Features
1. Add ability for user to query OSPF information via the CLI.
2. Bridges allow EAPOL pass through.
3. Virtual Machines can be created via the Azure marketplace.
4. Support for L8771 with 8 port Gigabit Ethernet module.

1. VPN will be globally enabled by default.
2. Add option to force source NAT of all outbound traffic that is not matched by other rules.
3. Allow users to modify authorized keys for SSH.
4. Add ability in OSPF to advertise as a default route to other WAN Virtualization sites.
5. Remote syslog messages have microsecond precision.

1. Network interface interrupt throttle rate default has been changed to dynamic on supported devices.

1. IDS/IPS logs may disappear before they are rotated.
2. Updating many times between versions on a device with an SSD or multiple partitions can fail in some cases.
3. Edge products cannot configure IDS/IPS via the web interface.
4. Log messages do not show updated timestamps after date, time, or timezone is changed.
5. Default routes can go missing when there are PPPoE WANs.
6. NTP clock synchronization does not run on HWFO Idle device.
7. After toggling the spare status on and off for a WAN, traffic is not properly routed out the WAN.
8. Creating a WAN using the CLI, with an alias of 24 characters, causes a software restart.
9. Creating a WAN Virtualization site with a name longer than 22 characters causes a software restart.
10. Global Aliases are not replicated to idle device.
11. DHCP and PPPoE address changes will restart all encrypted WAN Virtualization sites and VPNs.

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