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Security Features

  • End users of Ecessa products have full control of managing the usernames and passwords of accounts that will have access to their Ecessa device, allowing them to lock-out any third-party, non-employee to the system without sacrificing performance.
  • End users of Ecessa products have full control over which network management interfaces will be available and to whom they are available.
    • Each network management interface may be individually configured to be available from the WAN, only from the LAN, or not available at all.
    • Access to network management interfaces may be restricted to only connections that come from trusted IP addresses defined in a Management Access List.
  • Ecessa products maintain an Access log that records each connection to a network management port.  The logged information includes the date, time, interface used, username used, the source IP of the connection, and whether the login succeeded or failed.
  • Ecessa products maintain an Audit log that records each time a configuration change is made.  The logged information includes the date, time, user, source IP of the users connection, and the feature that was changed.
  • Ecessa log messages may be automatically exported to an external server as they are created for external monitoring and retention.

Stored data

  • Any information submitted to Ecessa Support orally, by email, or through the Customer Support Portal may be retained in Ecessa’s customer support software platform.
  • Ecessa Insight is an optional service that will automatically store Ecessa product configuration information and log data.
  • Ecessa Insight+ is an optional service that requires Ecessa Support to store the end users ISP account information.

Security of stored data

  • Stored customer data is encrypted at rest and access to stored customer data is encrypted via industry best-practices HTTPS and Transport Layer Security (TLS).
  • Access to stored data in systems used by Ecessa Support is granted by Ecessa based on job roles and responsibilities.  Access is provisioned from a central repository that is subject to approval processes and enforces strong password policies.
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