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Ecessa Insight Release Notes
Version: 3.0.6
Release Date: 2018.09.24
Revision 1.0: 2018.09.24

1. Classify notifications for a WAN Virtualization site as a new level of notification which can be separately limited.
2. An encrypted WAN Virtualization site will now send a single WAN Virtualization notification for a status change rather than sending both a WAN Virtualization notification and a VPN notification.
3. The User Profile page has the ability to configure Alert Delay and Alert Delay Threshold.

1. Site DOWN event may not send notification correctly.
2. Activating the LAN or WAN page from within the cloud view for a site changes the ethernet port for all configured LANs and WANs to port 1.
3. Hardware fail-over monitoring from the live device does not get displayed in the site information window when there are no restore points.
4. Virtual Machine is no longer registered when a site is removed and then re-added to the cloud.
5. Site configuration 'Monitoring Level' does not properly filter alerts.
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