Monitoring Alerts

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Monitoring alerts will notify a user of events such as a WAN being down.  Alerts can be sent via email, SMS message, or both.  To configure Monitoring Alerts from the Ecessa Insight dashboard click on your username and then Alerts.


The Monitoring Alerts option selects whether a user will receive alerts or not.  Selecting None will disable alerts and selecting All will enable sending alerts

The Alerts Delivery option selects how alerts will be delivered.  The options are Email, SMS, or Both.

The Alert Expiration option configures how many days user alerts will be saved and viewable in Ecessa Insight.  Some alerts, such as VM notifications, do not expire.

Alert Delay and Alert Delay Threshold (minutes) control whether alerts are sent individually and immediately or if they are aggregated over the delay threshold.  When Alert Delay is enabled an and alert occurs it will not be sent immediately but will send after the Alert Delay Threshold and be combined with any further alerts that occurred during the Alert Delay Threshold.

Alerts are configurable to control how many will be sent in an Alert Time Period.  During the Alert Time Period there will only be the number of alerts sent for each type as set for Maximum Critical Alerts, Maximum Warning Alerts, Maximum WAN Virtualization Tunnel Alerts, and Maximum Informational Alerts.  Additional alerts of each type will not be sent to the user but will be displayed on the Ecessa Insight dashboard.

Critical alerts consist of the following events:

  • WAN down
  • VPN down
  • DNS down
  • WAN Virtualization site changes from up→down or critical→down
  • Site down

WAN Virtualization Tunnel alerts consist of the following events:

  • WAN Virtualization tunnel down / WAN Virtualization site changes from up→critical or critical→critical
  • WAN Virtualization tunnel up / WAN Virtualization site changes from critical→up or critical→critical

Warning alerts consist of the following events:

  • Virtual instance expiration approaching

Informational alerts consist of the following events:

  • WAN up
  • VPN up
  • DNS up
  • WAN Virtualization site changes from down→up
  • Site up
  • WAN becoming spare




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