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Widgets can be added to the Dashboard to create a custom display of information.

The widgets available are:

  • Last Status Update
    • Displays the most recent time statistics info for a site was recieved.
  • Product Type
    • Displays the product type for each site.
  • Product Version
    • Displays the product version for each site.
  • SLA Report
    • Displays devices with an SLA expiry date within the number of days specified.
  • Site Map
    • Displays a geographical map with status info markers for each site. 
  • Summary Report
    • Displays a summary of each site containing product type, version, SLA expiry date, group membership, and modification date.

Widgets can be added by clicking the + button in the upper left of the Dashboard view.

When adding a widget you can rename it and select options for that widget to further customize the information displayed.  When the desired options have been selected the settings can be saved by clicking on the 'Save' icon in the rop right corner of the widget. Widgets can be moved to a new position by dragging and dropping them.

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