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The Ecessa Insight Dashboard provides users the ability to review configuration and monitoring information for Ecessa devices running in the cloud.

Definition of Terms

User – an account used by a person (or persons) to access Ecessa Insight. Sites that are accessible by the user are limited by interrelationships formed through groups. There are currently two types of users:

  • Member: a group member has permissions to view sites in Ecessa Insight. A member cannot  add or remove groups, users, or sites.
  • Admin: a group admin has permissions to view sites in Ecessa Insight as well as add groups, users, and sites. The admin user may only remove users or sites from the group(s) they have admin privileges.  Administrative privileges are limited by group – so if user Joe was a member of Group A and an admin of Group B he will not be able to remove Group A or any of its users or sites however he can remove Group B and any of the associated users or sites.

Site – an Ecessa device connected to Ecessa Insight.

Group – an organizational structure used to build relationships between users and sites.  Groups are organized in a flat community structure and as a result, groups cannot contain other groups.

Member User Dashboard

The member user is limited to viewing sites in the Ecessa Insight Dashboard. The user may perform the following actions:

  • View Site and Remote Monitoring information
  • Export Restore Points
  • View Sites running in the cloud
  • View Statistics
  • View Configuration
  • Go to Live Site (device authentication required)
  • Change Profile settings (password, theme, enable email alerts)

The member user will have access to every site that belongs to the same group(s) as the user. If the user belongs to multiple groups, there is a field which filters which sites are displayed on the dashboard. If a site is down in a group, the group name will be highlighted in red. 

Status Summary

The Dashboard includes the Status Summary which will display information regarding the current state of sites and services.  In the following image there are 7 total sites with a combined total of 27 monitored services.  Items in green are up, items in yellow are critical, and items in red are down.


Site Summary

The user can view monitoring and configuration information related to each site by clicking on it. Information related to the site will appear to the right. The Info tab will display contact and site information.

The Restore tab will display the Restore Points saved from the site, for more information on using restore points please refer to the article “Ecessa Cloud Restore Points

The Monitoring tab will display the status of the services running on the device.

There are three states a service may be in: Up, Down, or N/A. The N/A status may show if the status is ‘unknown’ (i.e. remote monitoring cannot determine if a service is up or down). Please contact Ecessa Technical Support with any questions regarding service states.

The View Site button will open a new window and display the device running in the cloud using the clouduser account.

From here, the user can review configuration settings, statistics, logs, and perform diagnostic tests. The clouduser account only has view permissions and cannot make any changes to the device itself.

The View Statistics button will open the View Statistics -> Report page on the cloud site.

In this example, the user wants to view graphs displaying WAN test point latency over the past two hours.

Clicking the Generate button will display the graphs below for viewing.


Cloud Profile Settings

The user may change their profile settings by clicking on their name at the top left of the page which will open the following menu.

The Preferences button will allow the user to set a Gravatar image and select a theme.

The Change Password button allows the user to change their Ecessa Insight password.

The Alerts button allows the user to enable/disable email alerts for sites in all groups the user is a member of.  It is possible to specify what types of alerts should be sent to the user and where the alerts should be sent. Alerts will be sent if the state changes for a site or service.

The Email Reports button will allow the user to subscribe to reports.  Email reports are sent out monthly and contain aggregated information about your current Ecessa cloud sites. The SLA Expiration Report lists sites that have an SLA that will expire in 60 days. The Available Upgrade Report lists sites that are behind the current recommended version and the upgrade path.

Admin User Dashboard

The admin user is able to perform the same actions as a member user in the Ecessa Insight Dashboard. The dashboard toolbar will include Groups, Users, and Sites buttons. Additionally, the admin user may perform the following actions:

  • Add Groups, Users, and Sites
  • Remove Groups, Users, and Sites (must have admin privileges for the group)

Please refer to the article “Groups, Users, and Sites in the Ecessa Cloud” for further information.


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