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Ecessa Firmware Notes
Version: 7.4.19

New Features
No New Features.

1. The Next Hop routes "routed via" option would be overridden by static routes and NAT would incorrectly be applied to traffic traversing the routed WAN.
2. IPSec VPN transport mode checkbox added.
3. Remove IPSec pre-shared secret from the running configuration for disabled IPSec SA's.
4. DNS PTR records that are outside Ecessa's routable subnets will log an error.
5. Pressing enter in the View Log search textbox will now update the search filter rather than refreshing the page.
6. Disabling Site Encryption in an existing VPN SA would be re-enabled on configuration reload or system reboot.
7. Site-to-Site Line Bonding Improvements.

Known Issues
No known issues in this release.

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