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Ecessa Firmware Notes
Version: 7.4.16

New Features
No new features in this release.

1. Site-to-Site Line Bonding static route fixes.
2. A DNS name server IP address configured on an Ecessa would remain after disabling Authoritative DNS. The IP address is now properly removed if necessary.
3. Enabling DNS zone transfers without supplying an ACL could cause the name server to fail to start. Zone transfers are now ignored if an ACL is not present.
4. The Toolkit Subnet Calculator and Diagnostics Ping Utility will perform their respective execute actions on Enter.
5. Site-to-Site Line Bonding restart case added to avoid scenario where tunnels are up, but do not pass traffic.
6. Hardware Failover reboot times decreased.

Known Issues
1. Packet duplication across Site-to-Site Line Bonding static routes currently does not duplicate packets. This is true for all 7.4.x releases.

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