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Ecessa Firmware Notes
Version: 7.4.20

New Features
1. Server Failover can now forward multiple ports. Service testing is done for the first configured port only.
2. Site-to-Site Line Bonding performance testing available through the text interface.

1. VLAN tagged DHCP WAN lines would not receive an IP on reboot.
2. SNMPv3 Users in the web UI would not display the configured encryption type correctly.
3. Comment fields would not be updated on page activation when using Drag and Drop.
4. Numerous Self-CA management improvements.
5. The VPN page of the web UI would sometimes display inaccurate connection numbers.
6. Site-to-Site Line Bonding using dynamic updates would not work correctly in re-ordered mode.
7. Site Encryption would not be updated on a PPPoE DHCP WAN line change.
8. Site Encryption would not be configured correctly after a reboot or configuration reload when Site-to-Site Line Bonding was configured using aliases.
9. Check offsite IP's will try a second time before refreshing DNS configuration. Congested lines or slow response times could cause continual DNS updates and reduce performance.
10. Static Policy Routes configured with protocol all and source or destination ports would cause the web UI to crash. Ports are incompatible with all protocols, they may only be configured for TCP or UDP protocols.

Known Issues
No known issues in this release.

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