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Ecessa Firmware Notes
Version: 8.0.1

New Features
1. Translucent routing mode added. This allows for routed configurations that requires only a single IP address to be available.
2. Hardware Failover now tests link connection availability using ARP.
3. Site-to-Site Line Bonding now features dynamic tunnel re-weighting.
4. IPSec VPN's now support multiple local and remote LAN subnets.
5. IPSec VPN encryption options expanded.
6. TCP Proxy has been added, this can increase performance over high latency links. TCP Proxy can proxy connections over Site-to-Site Line Bonding and outbound internet requests.

1. L2TP NAT-OA fix for Windows 7
2. Login auto complete is can now optionally be enabled or disabled.
3. Multiple Remote Access IPSec VPN's can establish from behind the same NAT IP.

Known Issues
No known issues in this release.

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