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Ecessa Firmware Notes
Version: 10.2.3
Release Date: 2014.04.08

This release addresses the TLS "Heartbleed" bug. Only 10.2.x firmware versions are affected.

All SSL certificates will need to be regenerated or replaced. This includes the web interface and SSL VPN's.

For HTTPS you will need to regenerate or upload a new certificate. New certificates can be recreated for HTTPS by using the CLI command 'services regen-key ssl'.

For SSL VPN's you will need to recreate the Self CA and all certificates or upload a new certificate and distribute all new client certificates as necessary.

More information about this issue can be found at

New Features
No new features in this release.

1. Static route fix for VLAN WAN's.
2. Changes made to Self-Certificates are now logged in the Audit Log.

Known Issues
No known issues this release.

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