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Ecessa Firmware Release Notes
Release Date: 2015.11.09
Revision 1.0: 2015.11.09

1. VPN IKEv2 connections can fail when connectivity to the remote device is lost, and continue to fail after connectivity is restored.
2. WAN Virtualization was using a lower default MTU which could cause remote sites to not be able to access some Internet sites via the main site.
3. Added WAN Virtualization CLI help for site MTU option.

Known Issues
1. IPSec VPN failover test point type 'Manual IP Configuration' does not work as expected.
2. IPSec IKEv2 security associations which connect with a Cisco ASA that contain multiple LAN networks can have an issue where not all the LAN networks have connectivity.
3. Deleting a QoS classifier from the GUI might not work properly.
4. IPSec VPN Failback option does not work as expected.
5. When connecting to a PPTP server behind the Ecessa with WAN Virtualization enabled the device can become unresponsive.
6. Port becomes disabled on 7568C when pulling a cable during traffic flow.
7. Static Route comments with newline characters will cause static routes to not be applied.
8. L2TP VPN connections can fail to establish after activating changes to another VPN connection.
9. Device can restart after a period of time when the sites tunnel configurations do not match.
10. Deleting and then re-adding a VPN via the command line interface can cause the VTI VPNs to not work correctly.

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