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Ecessa Firmware Notes
Version: 10.6.2
Release Date: 2015.06.26

New Features
1. Support for the 10G and 20G appliances

1. Watchdog support added for hardware to automatically reboot if the system enters an unrecoverable state.
2. Fix performance issue when there are many static routes with frequent status changes.
3. Fix validation issue with editing WANs
4. WAN Virtualization peer testing is now enabled by default.
5. Fixed WAN Virtualization tunnel auto-testing to work properly when configured with default testing parameters.
6. Fixed WAN Virtualization packet duplication packet loss caused by reordering.
7. Turn off Generic Receive Offload networking feature on WAN Virtualization to prevent potential device lock up.
8. Fix QoS configuration when link rates were greater than 2 Gbps.
9. Bridges potentially would not respond to ARP.
10. Fixed LCD uptime screen displaying 0.00 after being up for 15 days.
11. Fix the VPN SSL user page. The user would not be able to activate the page.

Known Issues
1. Port becomes disabled on 7568C when pulling a cable during traffic flow.
2. Device can restart after a period of time when the sites tunnel configurations do not match.
3. L2TP VPN connections will fail to establish after a period of time.
4. Making an IPSec VPN change while an SNMP request is received can cause the system to reinitialize.
5. The device can become unresponsive when using a PPPoE WAN with VPN.
6. Static Route comments with newline characters will cause static routes to not be applied.
7. Rapid QoS changes can cause the system to reinitialize.

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