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A site may be viewed in the Ecessa cloud even if the device itself is down, however certain features pull information from the device to display it in the cloud. The purpose of this article is to identify the information and features that are from the cloud and those that are from the device.

From the Cloud

Users will always be able to perform the following tasks regardless of the device’s availability:

  • Review Configuration Settings
  • View configuration file in XML format via [View Config]
  • Display the toolkit via [Toolkit]
  • View Statistics (Graphs, Reports, Export Data, Settings)
    • Does not include View Live Graphs

Reviewing Configuration Settings

Main – The main page will display basic configuration settings such as Date and Time, Service Status, Configured WAN Connections, and Configured LAN Connections.

View Basic Setup – Displays LAN, WAN, and Service configuration settings.

View Inbound – Displays Port Forwarding, DNS, Next Hop Route, and Inbound Quality of Service configuration settings.


Domains may be expanded for additional information regarding the zone.


View Outbound – Displays User-Defined Paths, Static Route, One-to-One NAT, and Outbound Quality of Service configuration settings.


User-Defined Paths may be expanded for additional information regarding the path.


View Advanced Setup – Displays Hardware Failover, WAN Virtualization*, VPN*, and VoIP* configuration settings (*if features are available).


Features – Displays the currently enabled Features for the device. Features cannot be enabled/disabled from the cloud.


From the Device

The cloud requires the device to be publicly available to perform the following tasks:

  • View Logs (Downloading logs is not available from the cloud)
  • Diagnostics
  • View Live Graphs

View Logs – Displays messages from the Main, Firewall*, VPN*, HWFO*, and Audit logs (*if features are available)

Diagnostics – Perform several diagnostics tasks from the device itself through the cloud. Ping, Trace Route, DNS, ARP Cache, Interface List, DHCP, and Current Sessions are available. Please note the Traffic Dump utility is not available in the cloud.


View Live Graphs – Watch live utilization graphs for the WANs, LANs, or WAN Virtualization sites.


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