How do I back up my configuration?

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Before making changes to your configuration or upgrading, it is best practice to make a backup of the Ecessa device's configuration.  There are two ways to make a backup: an export to save elsewhere or a backup that is saved on the Ecessa device itself.


Exporting the configuration

An exported configuration file can be saved as a backup or loaded onto a different Ecessa device.  To export the configuration file click on Get/Set Configuration in the lower left of the web interface.  On the tab labeled Import/Export click on the Export Configuration button and save the config.xml file. It is recommended to name the .xml file with the serial number, date, and site name (if managing multiple locations) to keep archived configuration files organized.



Importing a saved configuration

To import a saved configuration file click on Get/Set Configuration in the lower left of the web interface.  On the tab labeled Import/Export click on the Choose File button and locate your saved configuration.  Once the configuration file is selected click on the Import Configuration button.


Backups on the Ecessa device itself

Backups saved on the Ecessa device itself can be reloaded at any time and in the event that the current configuration that is saved is unable to load the backup configuration will be used in its place.  To make a backup configuration click on Get/Set Configuration in the lower left of the web interface and then switch to the Backup tab.  In the Comments field enter a note explaining what this configuration consists of and then click the Create Backup Configuration button.


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