What do the lights/colors on the Ecessa device indicate?

The colors on the ports of the Ecessa device indicate basic connectivity on the port. If no lights are shown, check the cabling and port settings to confirm the connected device able to communicate properly using appropriate port speeds. If the speed is manually configured to 1 Gbps and the the device it is connected to only supports 10/100 Mbps, no port lights will be shown since the devices will be incapable of communicating due to the speed mismatch.

There are various indicators depending on the port setting, which are listed below:

            10 mbps half/full duplex: 1 Orange LED

            100 mbps half/full duplex: 1 Orange LED, 1 Green LED

            1000 mbps full duplex: 2 Orange LED's

If configured to auto-negotiate, any one of these three indicators is possible if there is connectivity and depends on results of the negotiation process.

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